Intuition is proud to be an Australian Sustainable Salon taking a positive step forward within the hairdressing industry.  We believe in doing our part & making greener choices, to minimise our salon footprint. We are committed to sustainable growth that encourages social responsibility & respect for the planet. We are proud to now recycle and rescue up to 95% of our waste from in salon!

  • Soft plastics being recycled into furniture, glasses, or pet leashes.
  • Hair is being made into hair booms to help clean up oil spills within the ocean & collected ponytails made into medical wigs for people with alopecia or cancer.
  • Salon metals like foil, colour tubes, paper and unwanted tools are sold for recycling with proceeds donated to Oz Harvest & Kiwi Harvest. For every $1 donated by Sustainable Salons, two meals are provided to the most vulnerable in our communities (Intuition will average 1000+ meals per month!)

 So, what does this mean for our Intuition clients? Every client who has an appointment in salon will have a $3 green fee added to their total bill. This contribution is what helps our salon keep its commitment to sustainability, without compromising the quality service we offer. By joining Sustainable Salons, we are proud to support Australian charities that benefit the community, while also taking a conscience eco-friendly step forward. Thank you for all of your beautiful support, we are so proud to have implemented this wonderful change within our business.


Intuition is renowned for our incredible styling and bridal hair and we would love nothing more than to be a part of your special day, however we do only open our wedding books 12 months in advance. As soon as you have picked your magical day, please let us know so we can add you to our waitlist if our wedding books are not open that far in advance.

We also only offer our wedding services to existing Intuition clients. You  are more than welcome to book an appointment to become a client, meet our stylists to see if we are the right styling salon for you and to discuss booking your wedding from there, we would love to have you in salon.

For all other enquiries or to join our waitlist, please call the salon. 




 AGI ONE is the perfect smoothing hair treatment for any hair type that is prone to frizz. It is formulated to work on thick, colour treated, blonde and generally unruly or rebellious hair. AGI ONE is also reported to work well for curly-haired clients, who want curls without the frizz, as well as the option to style their hair straight. There are three AGI ONE solution types – normal, resistant and violet (for blonde) – to cater for a broad spectrum of hair types.


Agi Amazon has been created to strengthen, smooth and straighten the hair for a healthier feel. The difference between the two treatments is that the Agi Amazon contains keratin, resulting in a smoother and straighter finish. The benefits of Agi Amazon can be enjoyed for approximately 4 months before needing another treatment. Upon returning for a 3rd service the result will be more permanent and will produce a re-growth. Agi Amazon will create a memory within the bonds, while also protecting the bonds in the process.

Benefits from both Agi one and Agi Amazon treatments are;

  • Treatment lasts between 3-5 months
  • Adds Incredible shine & lustre to the hair
  • Reduces frizz
  • Halves blow dry time
  • Easier to maintain hair
  • Contains NO Formaldehyde
How is AGI ONE different to a traditional Keratin treatment?

The main difference between the two is that AGI ONE doesn’t use a Keratin base to create its results. AGI ONE is based on silk proteins and amino acids to aid the hair and its health.

How does this affect hair colour?

AGI ONE doesn’t usually affect your current hair colour but we have found that on some hair types, your colour may be slightly effected. After this treatment you can colour your hair 24 hours afterwards – with a wash in between-  without fear of  the AGI  treatment losing its effect, longevity or intensity.

How does the treatment withstand swimming in chlorinated/saltwater? Does this significantly alter the longevity for the client?

With swimming in chlorinated/salt water, if this is a frequent occurrence, we do recommend taking precautions such as swimming cap, washing hair after etc. Otherwise no, this shouldn’t affect longevity at all if take home care is being used correctly.

Is specific shampoo required?

Yes! You need to use a sulphate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. But don’t worry…We have a range of sulphate and paraben-free products you can purchase, which will help to keep your treatment in for longer.

Does the treatment ‘fade’ out or grow out?

The treatment acts similarly to a keratin in this way, as you won’t find any frizzy “regrowth” like you would with a chemical straighten, the effects of the system will slowly fade over time. However the AGI Amazon treatment is keratin based and will start to create a regrowth after multiple treatments. 

Although it defrizz’ does it significantly straighten?

On certain hair types we have seen significant relaxing of curls and kinks but it does not straighten. However, it drastically reduces drying time and you will be able to blowdry your hair smooth a lot easier after you have had AGI One Smoothing Treatment. If you are wanting your hair as smooth/straight as possible, that is when we would suggest the AGI Amazon treatment, as this is stronger than AGI One.

Is this suitable for ALL hair types?

YES! AGI ONE has been specially formulated with three solutions for a broad spectrum of hair types. This is made even better by the fact that they are intermixable! Three solutions, zero restrictions.

How long does the treatment take in salon?

The Smoothing treatment can take from 2.5-3.5 hours depending on the length and thickness of your hair. 

Why would I pick one over the other?

Agi One is designed more to de frizz the hair and eliminate bulk, without smoothing the natural curl out. Whereas, the Agi Amazon helps to eliminate bulk and frizz, while also smoothing out your natural curl.

Can I have Agi treatments if I have hair extensions?

YES! If you have hair extensions and are wanting to try an Agi treatment, you 100% can. This will also help you manage your extensions a lot easier at home.

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