welcome to our beautiful space,

by booking an appointment with intuition you agree to our salon policies and standards

Please understand that these policies are put in place to protect our business, staff + clients, thankyou


As our salon grows, it is very important to us to maintain our standards, quality of work and the security of the business. We greatly appreciate your support of our business and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. Our goal at Intuition is to provide a quality service in a timely manner. To do this, we have implemented the following policies.


To book an appointment at Intuition, please follow our booking link, call the salon on 0429 374 719 or send us a message via text, Facebook or Instagram.

Not sure what you’d like to have done? Book in for a consultation with one of our amazing stylists so we can see your hair in person, give you a quote and ensure your appointment time is booked correctly.


Yes, we do welcome beautiful new faces to our space but as a part of our booking policy we do require a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. The deposit amount will be between $50 – $100 depending on the services you have booked. This amount does come off your total bill on the day and once you have booked an email will be sent with information regarding this. Unfortunately, if your deposit isn’t received within 24hrs your appointment will be cancelled.

All prices are subject to variation without notice due to hairs thickness, length, and condition. If you were quoted over the phone or via message, please know this is only approximate as we do need to see your hair in personal to achieve an more accurate price. We do offer consultations in salon, and encourage you to book one if you wish to receive a more accurate quote. Please feel free to book this via our online booking system.



If you are booking in for Hair Extensions, you will need to book a consultation first so we can colour match you before ordering the hair. We require a non-refundable 50% deposit to order your extensions and your consultation cost can go towards this amount. The cost of the deposit will be advised upon consultation once we decide what amount of hair will be needed. Your appointment will not be secured until Intuition has received payment. The deposit will be redeemed against your service on the day of your appointment.

 Intuition offers a detailed and thorough aftercare plan that all our extension clients must follow, which includes having your extensions moved up every 6-8 weeks. Failure to follow your aftercare plan will mean the warranty is voided and your stylist may refuse service. It is important to follow aftercare advise as failing to do so may result in damage to your natural hair, extensions and scalp.

colour correction or transitioning to blonde

If you are needing colour correction or are unsure what you are wanting, we strongly recommend coming in for a consultation prior to booking any appointments. All colour correction services are different and vary in price. There are also pre colour treatments we recommend having done to assist with the lightening process. This means we are unable to give you a quote until we see your hair in person.

If you are coming to Intuition for a corrective colour service, please be aware of all the factors that are involved;

  • Substantial colour changes can leave your hair feeling weakened. Because of this we have to proceed with caution to maintain the integrity of the hair. This could mean that your desired result may not be achieved in one sitting, rather a hair plan will be discussed.
  • The condition of your hair on arrival may limit the outcome that we are able to achieve. We will not compromise the condition of your hair to achieve a colour.
  • Your previous colour services have a big impact on what we may be able to achieve. Some artificial colours are very hard to remove and need to be approached in several sittings.
  • Please be honest with us when discussing your colour history and your at home hair care routine. This is crucial information that our stylists rely on to achieve your hair goals.
  • Listen to your stylist and take their recommendations on board. We can’t guarantee your results if the correct products are not being used to maintain your hair at home.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If something isn’t making sense or you’re unsure about why we can’t achieve your desired result straight away, please ask.
  • Please bring photos with you, we love to have a goal to work towards.

We will always provide you with beautiful hair, however it may not be your desired result straight away. Try to enjoy the different stages of your Intuition lightening journey.


Consultations are so important to us at Intuition as they help us piece together your hair desires, creating a unique story and journey for every single guest. We also find these appointments to be very valuable, listening, communicating, educating and sharing thoughts so we, stylist and client, can both understand each other to create a realistic hair plan. We recommend consultations for our regular clients wanting to change their hair colour and also for new clients wanting to become apart of the Intuition family.

If you are wishing to invest in and gain more information about hair extensions, we highly recommend booking in for a consultation. This way we can see which method would be best suited for your hair and be able to colour match you.

Consultations will require a $50 non refundable deposit to secure your appointment, this amount will be redeemable on products, any services or for your booking deposit at any time.

Paying a Deposit


All new  clients will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit between $50 – $100 to secure their appointment. Deposits are not an extra charge, it is simply held on your account until your booking and taken off your final bill. We will email you our deposit link and our booking policy details. Unfortunately, if your deposit isn’t paid within 24hrs your appointment will be cancelled.

Payment Options

We currently offer payment via EFTPOS, cash, Afterpay and ZipPay. Pay later options have a minimum of $100 spend and cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers. Sorry we do not accept American Express.

Card Capture

For your convenience, you can save your card with us! The cost of your service, deposits and any products you may want to purchase will be deducted from your chosen card at the end of your service. This speeds up your booking process the next time you book with us, and also allows you to make use of our cardless checkout experience. Your card information is saved securely with TimelyPay’s secure card processing system which complies with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) rules that ensures the accepting, processing or storing of credit card information is done so securely. To save your card, select the box named ‘ Save card for future payments’ when booking your appointment online. This will save your card to Timely and capture your consent for future payments. Restricted access of card information & transaction without client permission procedures are also included.

Privacy Policy

Intuition monitors the privacy and confidentiality of personal information and ensures compliance to all relevant legislative and moral requirements by instilling discipline in all aspects of our business. Our objective is to protect and maintain the privacy, and security of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. The Privacy Act contains a set of standards for the handling of your personal information known as the National Privacy Principles (NPPs). Personal information collected by Intuition generally comprises name, address, contact details and certain financial information. The National Privacy Principles require Intuition not to store personal information longer than necessary. We are committed to the privacy and protection of your information.

Cancellation Policy


A gentle reminder that Intuition requires 24hrs notice for any cancellation or rescheduling of any salon bookings. Our bookings are scheduled carefully to ensure enough time and space is allowed for your appointment to be carried out as effectively as possible.  No shows, late cancellations OR late changes to your appointment with less than 24hrs notice will result in the loss of your deposit or a fee of $50-100 depending on your service booked. This will be deducted from your card on file with an emailed invoice.

We will send you a text reminder to confirm your appointment 72hrs prior to your booking. This will give you enough time to cancel or reschedule. If you do need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, simply reply to the text or give us a call on 0429 374 719.

So, if you have to cancel because you wanted to stay in bed abit longer, have double booked yourself or even have picked up a last minute shift at work – please be courteous and respect the fact that we held your appointment and booked our stylist’s time for you, and come in.

Should the unfortunate occasion occur that you do not arrive for your confirmed appointment and no notice was received, you will be requested to pay a cancellation fee to cover your inconvenience and then a new deposit as security when re-booking.

It is your responsibility to ensure we have your correct and updated contact details.

Clients who continuously no show or cancel will not have priority for services and availability with stylists in the future.

No future appointments will be booked if you have an outstanding fee.

sick cancellations

We understand everyone gets sick, it’s frustrating for you, it’s frustrating for us and it’s not a way to plan a schedule or run a business. However we need to protect our business and would truly appreciate if you are not feeling well the day or night before your appointment to get in contact with us straight away, rather than the day of your appointment. Unfortunately same day sick cancellations will  incur a fee to cover the inconvenience.

Cancellation fees will need to be paid before any future bookings are made at Intuition.

Thankyou for helping us run a fair and sustainable business where we can support our team and clients.

hygiene policy

Please ensure you arrive with clean, dry hair for all colour appointments. This is because Goldwell is a low to no ammonia professional colour system. We find clean hair lifts so much better than dirty hair, due to the oil and dirt build up. We can not promise the outcome of your colour service if you do not fit these standards.

It is Intuition policy to check clients hair for lice before beginning any service. If we do find a trace of head lice, unfortunately your appointment will have to be postponed and a fee will be charged. You will be required to come in for a check up so your stylist can assess your hair prior to your future appointment.



securing your appointment

We send all of our clients an SMS reminder 72 hours prior to your appointment. We understand everyone has busy lives, so we have tried to make this process as easy as possible for you. All you need to do is either reply with a ‘Y’ or an ‘N’ to secure or cancel your appointment. If you do not respond within 24hrs of receiving your confirmation text, your appointment will be automatically cancelled. You will be notified to reschedule your appointment, however we cannot guarantee your original booking time will be available.

When a deposit is required for your booking, you will need to pay this to secure your appointment. If we do not receive your deposit, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be notified to reschedule.


We do our best to run on time for all of our clients. Please aim to arrive 5–10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Appointments are often booked back-to-back so please be on time out of respect for the client who is scheduled after you. If you are running late, please be aware that we may need to cancel or shorten your appointment. If we do have to shorten your appointment you will still be charged for the service you originally booked.

If you miss your appointment or we have had to cancel it due to late arrival you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Please ensure you have read the letter regarding how to prepare for your appointment. This is sent to you when booking in.

Additional Guests

At Intuition we are more than happy to accommodate babies in prams. If you must bring an additional guest to your appointment, we please ask you to respect our space and our clients experience in salon .

All children under the ages of 18 that are not receiving a service in salon MUST remain seated, as per Queensland’s OH&S Laws. We work with hazardous chemicals, sharp and hot tools; your child’s safety is important to us.

We are happy to make you and your plus one comfortable, however we do charge a small drink fee for non clients and in the event damage is caused you will be required to compensate accordingly. We are fortunate to have valuable and expensive items throughout our salon to create a beautiful space for our clients & team, we please ask you are cautious and respectful.


At Intuition, we DO NOT tolerate poor behaviour, language or actions towards our staff, business or clients, and you will be asked to leave immediately. We are proud of the beautiful environment we create and do not wish to have that disrupted. We understand things can get tough in life, but please do not take that out on our staff who are just here to help. We must take responsibility for our behaviour, words and actions. Sadly, we have had to ask clients to leave and not return in the past. This breaks our hearts and is not enjoyable by anyone, so please be mindful when entering our space and the energy you are bringing with you.

Thank you


Our highly trained stylists provide their professional hair, colour and product advice. Please respect their knowledge and suggestions during your appointment. Intuition the Art of Hair cannot guarantee lasting or healthy results, unless you are using recommended home haircare purchased from our salon.

Please take the time to read through our after care letter, this is sent to you following your appointment.

Return & Resolve Policy

We want all of our clients to leave Intuition happy and excited about the result of their hair. If you are unhappy with your hair, please let us know immediately prior to leaving the salon. On the rare occasion that you are unhappy with your hair after leaving the salon, we offer a one week Return & Resolve Policy. Please make contact with us by calling the salon 0429 374 719 with the details of your concern. We will then arrange a time for you to return to the salon for a consultation to assess your hair in person.

Please do not attend another salon to have any other treatments or colour applied to your hair prior to our team assessing your hair. Once your concerns have been assessed we will offer you the best possible path to resolve your issues. Again, please make sure you are following our professional aftercare + haircare policy.

No matter your desires, Intuition is here to serve you, empower you & join you in your hair journey.