Intuition is extremely proud to offer a hair extension brand that aligns with our core value of quality, consistently delivering superior and long-lasting results. A range of ethically sourced, remy, Russian quality, double drawn hair with no mix blends. This means that all the hair cuticles are running downwards preventing damage, with a 100% matt free guarantee and a lifespan of 12 months when cared for correctly.

We offer in salon consultations with our hair extension specialists which you can book in via our online portal and an Intuition aftercare pack educating you to ensure you maximise the life of your beautiful new mane. We have helped so many amazing clients achieve the hair of their dreams and so can you!

What Type of methods and lengths does Intuition offer?

We offer 18 inch Micro wefts, 20 inch flat wefts and 20 inch Invisible tapes. Needing something longer? Please enquire as we can do a custom order for 22” or 24”.

How long does application take?

Your initial application will be the longest, taking approximately 1-3 hours depending on the amount of hair your having fitted. In this time, we prep your hair correctly, apply the hair extensions, cut in and shape your new hair, style as desired and discuss your take home hair extension pack. Move ups thereafter will depend on the amount of hair we are working with and method. We are more than happy to quote time when booking.

How often is maintenance needed?

Following our aftercare plan, maintenance is to be done every 6-8 weeks, so damage is not caused to your hair or the extensions. If you choose to go longer than the recommended 6-8 weeks, all warranty will be voided and damage to your natural hair could occur.

Pricing can be seen via our booking portal.

How long does the hair last?

Plush Locks Hair is premium sourced, rated as one of the highest quality hair extension brands on the Australian market. They are;

  • Russian Hair, highest quality on the market
  • 100% Remy, meaning that the cuticles are kept intact like natural hair, not stripped and the hair cuticles all run in the same direction downwards.
  • 100% matt free guarantee
  • Double drawn hair, thick and full from top to bottom
  • Custom designed wefts eliminating the fringe of hair at the base of the weft, meaning there are no short pieces to cause irritation at the roots/scalp.
  • When cared for correctly following our aftercare guide of minimal heat and professional haircare, clients see up to 12 month of full time wear.
  • No mix blends, just pure, high quality, European hair!
What is the difference between Micro and Flat wefts?

Both options are lightweight, flexible, and suitable for fine haired clients.

  • FLAT WEFTS are ultra thin, lightweight, and flexible, meaning they are also suited for any hair types. The seamless application makes it near impossible to tell you have a weft installed!
  • MICRO WEFTS are our smallest and flattest weft to date being lightweight and flexible, making it a safer option for fine haired clients. The seam of our micro weft is 0.2mm in width which makes it virtually undetectable.

Both options can be cut and fitted accordingly to suit your head shape and are on display in salon.

What is the difference between wefts and tapes?

Both methods have a needed place in the beautiful hair extension world and this is something discussed in your consultation after seeing your hair in person. Tape in hair extensions are thin wefts (approx. 4cm pieces) that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds. The wefts are covered to the root in 100% human hair making it invisible against the hair and come with a thin piece of adhesive up on the top. Think of single pieces of clip-in extensions but with tape on the top instead of the clip. This method is great for thin hair, those needing hair added around face or for simply adding thickness.

Weft extensions is hair sewn together seamlessly and referred to as a skirt of hair. Beads are particularly applied to the hair, close to your scalp where we hand stitch the weft to the beads. There is no glue, heat, tape or braids involved in this process and the extensions are simply sewn in to your hair. This method is great for all types of hair, those wanting lots of fullness and length and perfect for someone who ties their hair up often.

What method should I book in for?

Selecting your method of hair extensions can all depend on your desired result. If you are unsure, we highly recommend booking a consultation and our specialists can tailor a plan for your goals. Consultations are $50 to book and this amount is used as a credit on your account, redeemable on your hair deposit, products and services at any time.

What does the aftercare involve?

We have designed a beautiful little pack for you to take home after your first fitting! This includes:

  • Hair Extension safe Brush
  • Large hair clip
  • Oribe Samples
  • Complimentary wash, blowdry and style voucher valid for two weeks after your fitting as a check in
  • QR code on all things Plush Hair extensions, educating you on how to maintain your new investment.


Plush Hair Extensions

18″ Micro Weft $510 per 50g
20″ Flat Weft $560 per 50g
22″ Flat Weft $660 per 50g
20″ Invisible Tapes $300 per 25g

Please contact our team for any pricing or services enquiries quotes. Visit our social media for any current offers.

Plush Maintenance

Invisible Tape Removal $100 per hour
Invisible Tape Maintenance $100 per 100g
Invisible Tape Move Up $100 per hour
Weft Removal $100 per hour
Weft 50G Retighten $100
Weft 100G Retighten $150
Weft 150g Retighten $200
Weft 200g Retighten $250

Maintenance services listed exclude wash and blow-dry, this must be added on. Please contact our team for any pricing or services enquiries and quotes. All Intuition Hair Extension clients receive our Hair Extensions Aftercare Guide including everything you need to know from maintenance, do’s and dont’s to best products and exclusive extension specials.


To also complement your luxurious hair we offer the premium hair care range, ORIBE for our extension clients. Products from this beautiful range will be recommended and personalised to your hair and scalp needs following your application. With your initial appointment you will receive 10% off your first Oribe purchases!

*This discount is an exclusive Intuition discount and only available with your initial application. The Oribe curl collection is not included in the discount as this range is not Extension safe.

We also ask that if you are investing in our beautiful, luscious Plush Locks to please abide by our warranty, having your move up done every 6-8 weeks, only using the haircare above and following our education. Afterall, you are investing in permanent hair and want this hair to last as long as possible.


At Intuition we only stock the most popular shades and lengths, so if your wanting extensions in asap it will ultimately depend on our availability. We recommend booking in for a consultation first. This is also a great idea if the above Q+As just isn’t enough information for you and you’re wanting to know more or if your unsure that you’re the right candidate for hair extensions. From there we can discuss your hair colour, suitable extension method, colour match you with a personalised blend and take a deposit to order your hair.

Or if you know exactly what your wanting, please book a new set online, fill out the consultation form including photos and return. Your specialist will be in contact if they have any questions and will email a deposit to confirm.



At Intuition we are certified extension specialists, undergoing professional hands on training by Plushlocks themselves. This is a must when looking for a hair extension hairdresser! With our knowledge we can help you achieve the very best, long lasting results.

a hair extension brand that consistently delivers high quality and long-lasting hair.